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Zandona Esatech Back Insert 308 x 417

Pieejamība: Iespējams pasūtīt

Tel. Nr.: +371 6 7817817

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Esatech Back Inserts are 100% made in Italy back protectors, designed to fit perfectly the special jacket-pockets of the main motorcyclists' technical clothing brands. The external plate is an hexagonal nitrile anti-shock structure (Esatech System), particularly formulated to absorb high impact energies and designed to dissipate the output energy over the most part of the protector surface. The underlying layers are composed by E.V.C. (Evoluted Viscoelastic Cells), innovative waterproof anti-shock material with high performance/weight/thickness rate, perforated to increase perspiration from the contact area to the outside. They are comfortable because they follow and satisfy the natural spinal-column movements and reach Lev.2 performance according to EN1621-2 normative. Their maximum thickness is just 21mm.

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