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Polisport Headlights LMX

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LMX is a great companion to ride in dark conditions. This headlight uses a halogen lamp that will light your way when you need to ride by night.

* Obligāti aizpildāmie lauki

  • Apraksts
  • Papildu informācija
  • Meets the following standards: ECE; SAE; DOT
  • Homologated to be road legal (Europe, USA)
  • HS1 35/35W 12V halogen lamp and a W5W 5W 12V lamp
  • Connections: female UP 2805310
  • Universal mounting
  • Heat resistant plastic headlight support
  • High/low beam
  • Powerful and longstanding
  • Headlight extensions (20mm and 40mm) and rubber straps for vibration reduction included
  • The angle of the headlight beam is adjustable
  • Graphics: Polisport decals

Check it out here: Polisport website.

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